What are the benefits of olive leaf extract

What are the benefits of olive leaf extract.The application of olive leaves as an all natural antibiotic is currently being studied in Chile by a high school teacher and two students. Previously, it has been reported that the oleocanthal present in olive oil can actually act as an anti-inflammatory, but this is the first study of the use of olive leafs as an antibiotic.


How Does it Work?

This time, it’s Oleuropein, a nutrient found on the leafs of the olive tree, the culprit. This compound breaks down the production of protein by the virus, making it weaker and eventually killing it.

It, therefore, offers an alternative to antibiotic medicines and reduces the hazard of building up a resistance to these antibiotics.


Other Benefits of Olive Leafs

Even if you are sceptical about the efficiency of olive leafs in fighting viruses, you won’t lose anything in trying them. They have proven to be beneficial to your brain and heart, lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of cancer and diabetes, improving the immune system and helping out with arthritis.

How to Consume the Leafs


The easiest way to consume olive leafs is as a dietary supplement. Many vendors have this extract available. We’ve highlighted some below:



If you’re a tea person, we’ve got good news: Olive Leafs are also delicious when infused with hot water. The leafs are dirt cheap when ordered in relatively large quantities. For example:

And that’s it! As always, we welcome suggestions and personal experiences with olive leafs in the comment box.

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The Antibiotic Property of Olive Leafs

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