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Shaving oil If you have sensitive skin, you know how hard it is to find good face lotions, night creams or shaving creams. This is even truer if you prefer to keep chemicals away from your skin. Many products claim to contain all natural ingredients, but the reality is that very few can actually live to this standard.

Many men experience redness on their face after shaving, and many women hopelessly fight with post-shave itchiness on the legs. There’s a perfect solution for keeping your skin moisturized and soft, without using commercial shaving creams. Using plain extra virgin olive oil as a shaving cream can do wonders – to your skin and your wallet!

Using Olive Oil as a Shaving Cream

Shaving oil You might think that shaving cream has to be all foamy, but that’s actually not the case. The most important thing about preparing your face, legs or armpits for a shave is to keep your skin wet and soft and therefore Olive Oil is a perfect candidate. Not only it’s rich in nutrients, vitaminsBesidesand antioxidants that will help your skin recover, fight inflammation and gain moisture, but also will make a great foundation for a good shave.


Scientific Benefits

Shaving oil. It has been argued that shaving cream does more harm than good to your skin. As such, there is a growing movement focused on shaving with oil. Besides the absence of harmful chemicals, oils do a better job at hydrating and protecting your skin pores.

How to Use It

Pour a little bit of olive oil into your hand and rub it. Apply the olive oil to your skin and rub your hands over the area which you want to shave. Olive oil is an excellent solution for shaving since it’s excellent lubricant and prevents cuts and nicks that tend to happen.

After you’re done, there’s no need for after shave lotions since olive oil should leave you with no irritation. This means you’re double dipping on the savings: You eliminate the need for after-shave, and you spend less on the cream since olive oil is usually cheaper. In addition, olive oil is completely natural so there’s no chemicals applied to your sensitive skin.


As a final tip, try dipping your razor into the olive oil – it prevents it from rusting!

Where to Buy It

For this use, we recommend a light and cheap olive oil. A 5 liter container is ideal as it will last you longer. Fillippo Berio’s 5 liter bottle does this job perfectly and is relatively cheap:


You can then put it in a soap dispenser or some other container to dose out your olive oil. Here’s an example:


All in all, you will save a lot of money and improve your skin’s condition. Happy Olive Oiling!

Other Benefits of Olive Oil



Shaving with Olive Oil or Cream

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