Ozonated Olive Oil- Benefits and Uses

Ozonated Olive Oil

Ozonated Olive Oil. If you’re reading this, you might have stumbled upon some mention of ozonated olive oil with some confusion and were left wondering what it is and how it can help you solve skin issues, weight issues, and other ailments.

In this post, we will go through the what, how, and why’s of ozonated olive oil, as well as some buying suggestions.


What is ozonated olive oil?

As the name would suggest, it simply means olive oil which has been injected with ozone. When it interacts with the oil, it turns it into a paste, which is then sold all over the world.

The use of gaseous ozone to treat medical conditions has been around since the first world war, when Dr P. Aubourg used it to treat chronic colitis. Only recently has the idea of using it in water and oil appeared. The trend might well have started with ozonated water, which is said to be more pure and clear of bacteria than normal water.

What is it good for?

Here is where the controversy starts. Ozonated products, in general, have been dubbed by some as snake oil, having no medicinal effects and even contributing to the development of diseases. It is not safe for consumption and as such can also be seen as dangerous for kids and the elderly.

However, this controversy revolved more around ozonated water than olive oil, where it’s efficacy has been tested in the treatment of skin conditions. A 2010 study by Bocci, et al. summarises the benefits and suggests medical selection criteria as well.

The study highlights its efficacy in treating diabetes, gangrenes, and particularly venereal infections, which are otherwise costly to treat. As such, it concludes that there is vast potential in this treatment. Other studies have followed suit, bringing evidence-based science to a previously dubious area.

From the user community, there have also been reports of reduced chronic fissure due to the topical application of this ointment.

How to use it

The product comes mostly in a paste or cream. To use it, simply apply it topically to the afflicted area. Due to its potency, it shouldn’t be used as a normal moisturiser cream, but instead should be used sparingly.

Buy Ozonated Olive Oil

The oil can be conveniently bought from Amazon and shipped to all over the world. Some suggestions below:

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Ozonated Olive Oil- Benefits and Uses

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