Olive Oil Testosterone

Olive oil testosterone The amazing properties and compounds of olive oil are widely known and recognized across the globe. It’s considered to be the healthiest olis for consumption, especially the extra virgin olive oil, which has an acidity of under 0.8%. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, monounsaturated fats, omega 3-fatty acids and other nutrients, it’s something we should all consider including in our daily nutrition. What is new to the scientifical world is its potential role in increasing testosterone levels when included in your diet.

EVOO has already been proven to be a great remedy for healing various problems such as many skin conditions, hair and nail problems and health issues of various kind. Use of extra virgin olive oil in its pure form helps our bodies in different ways, whether we know it or not. Recently a question has been brought to the attention of scholars regarding the influence of olive oil as a way to increase testosterone- It is theorized that there’s a compound in olive oil called oleuropein, a polyphenol thought to increase testosterone levels while decreasing cortisol.

The results showed stunning conclusions about its benefits.


The “rats” study

A hypothesis of olive oil as a testosterone booster had been laid to a thorough investigation and an experiment. Japanese researchers at Kobe University split the test rats into three groups. Each group was given a protein-rich diet with 10%, 25% and 50% of protein Casein. Half of the rats in each group were also given oleuropein.

Observing the first tests, scientists came to the discovery of surprising nitrogen retention in each group. The rats that were given the oleuropein retained 46% more nitrogen than the ones with oleuropein free diet. Why does it matter? Because of the higher nitrogen retention in the body, proteins (muscle) body builds.

What about testosterone?

Oleuropein also had very favorable anabolic effects regarding testosterone increase in rats testicles. Those who had this compound of olive oil and 50% of protein diet, were discovered to have their testosterone levels tripled and cortisol levels reduced by half.

Another Argentinean study fed male rats with four types of oils for 60 days. The rodents were given coconut oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil and soya oil. After two months, the results indicated that rats that fed on olive oil had produced more testosterone than other groups. It was then concluded that olive oil increases the activity of certain enzymes involved in the manufacturing of testosterone.


Interestingly enough, the Olive Oil Times has reported that during 1998 to 2007 the use of a mixture of EVOO and testosterone was rampant in the cycling world. This mixture was used to boost recovery and it was speculated that besides being easier to hide, the presence of hydroxytyrosol in olive oil helped muscle recovery.


How to ingest Olive Oil for Testosterone Boosting

So, if you’re thinking of increasing your testosterone levels, try adding olive oil to your nutrition. It’s the healthiest way of feeding your body with fats and, as shown by the rat experiment, can be an efficient way of increasing your testosterone levels. More anecdotal evidence can be found on the “The Art Of Manliness”‘s 90-day olive oil experiment.


Since there are no olive oil pills available on the market, the best way to consume olive oil is to increase its presence in your diet. Salads, avocados with olive oil, and white fish with olive oil are good examples.

Below are some of our favorite oils for this purpose:

If you have experimentated with olive oil in your diet as a means of hormonal control, please let us know in the comment box below, we would love to hear real life success cases!

Olive Oil Testosterone

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