Olive oil shampoo. Your hair endures daily damage which can seem impossible to fix. The reality is taking care of your hair doesn’t require expensive and frequent salon visits. A bottle of pure extra virgin olive oil is just what your hair is asking for.

Your hair has naturally occurring sebum – the oil produced by the sebaceous glands that acts as your hair’s version of a moisturizer. These oils create a protective barrier that keeps your hair healthy and shiny. Shampoos are comprised of surfactants, which rid strands of all impurities as well as the naturally occurring oils. When shampooing your hair, we are essentially stripping it of everything – good and bad. Treating your locks with olive oil, prior to shampooing, allows the oil to penetrate each strand – recreating that protective barrier lost to shampooing, for healthier, shinier hair.

When To Use Olive Oil Pre-Shampooing

How often to pre-shampoo your hair with an olive oil treatment depends on the extent of damage to your hair. If you suffer from extreme dryness, start out with olive oil treatments daily until you see improvement. As your hair regains it’s health, you can cut back on pre-shampooing to every-other day or 1-2 times per week.

On the flip side of this, if your hair gets naturally oily throughout the day, but you still suffer from extreme breakage, start out by treating hair only once or twice per week. When applying the olive oil treatment to your hair, focus on coating the strands well, but avoid the 1/2 inch closest to your scalp.

How to Pre-Shampoo with Olive Oil

Step 1 – Divide hair into several sections.

Step 2- Apply olive oil to dry hair with hands. Make sure to coat every strand well.

Step 3 – Cover hair with plastic cap and let sit for a minimum of 1 hour. For dryer hair, allow treatment to sit for longer, or potentially overnight.

Step 4 – Remove cap and “finger-comb” your hair out.

Step 5 – Shampoo and condition hair.

Step 6 – Repeat daily until hair shows improvement. Reduce treatment frequency as necessary to avoid oily hair.

Where to Buy Olive Oil for Pre-Shampooing

Olive oil shampoo When it comes to olive oil for pre-shampooing, pure is better. Edible oils, like olive oil, are considered an emollient, which are able to penetrate your hair better than hair products marketed as “Oil Treatments”. These products rarely contain much pure oil and do little to help restore your hair’s health. Stick to pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil that you find at your local super market for the best results.

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