Brittle Nails Treatment

Brittle Nails Treatment Brittle and dry nails can be a problem for anyone. They develop due to a drying of the cuticle and nail bed, which causes problems when trying to grow healthy and strong nails. While there is a lot of over-the-counter medication available for this problem, but the main problem with this is that most moisturizing products, whether for your skin or your face are designed with business in mind not you, the products are aimed to make you dependent upon them to stop you from looking elsewhere. That is why many people are looking for more natural solutions, and olive oil is a prime example of one of these.


Why is Olive Oil good for nails?

Adding the right kinds of oil to your skin, or your nails can have a very positive effect on your appearance, and will not result in an overly oily skin. Oils can be very gentle on your body due to the lack of harmful chemicals in them, and it also is not a common irritant. Overall, all natural oils provide great moisturization and hydration no matter which part of your body you apply it to.


How to use Olive Oil to improve nail health

The method for using olive oil on your nails is fairly simple, but it must be followed quite carefully. It is recommended to dip your nails into olive oil for 2-3 minutes every night before you go to bed, but you must make sure that you do not do it for any longer than this as it can cause damage to your nails if they are left in the oil for too long. You should also try to keep your nails dry during this period, as it can prevent the growth of harmful fungus and bacteria, which might ruin your nails. Regular trimming of your nails is also recommended, as this promotes the growth of strong and healthy nails, but you must make sure to trim your nails straight across to prevent the growth of ingrown nails, whether, on your toes or fingers, these can be quite painful.


Olive oil provides a natural, and simple remedy for dry and brittle nails, without the need to fear harmful chemicals due to its simple build up. The method for its use is very simple, but overall care for your nails is also recommended in order to keep them as healthy and strong as possible.
Naissance, for example, produces a highly organic olive oil which is adequate for treating dry nails:

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Brittle Nails Treatment | Tackle Brittle and Dry Nails

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